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Resolutions - January 1, 2022

What does the New Year represent to you? Do you hold onto remorse over achievements not attained, losses and regrets accumulated? Do you burden your future self with resolutions and goals? Or is it just the turning of a number, marking precious time passed.

What if we were able to use this annual celebration of the passing of time to instead honor the present moment? For that is all we have, forever and always.

The fresh start we attach to our New Year can be given to each breath, inhaling what is new to us, exhaling what is stale. Flowing with the ever-changing state of being.

Every moment we breathe provides a fresh opportunity to be with this life, exactly as it is, with all its joys and sorrows. Our life experiences, like snowflakes drifting past our noses, accumulating near our feet, clinging for a moment, and then melting away.

Intricate and complex, like each frozen water crystal, life takes shape and then it dissolves, moment to moment, ever shifting, ever changing.

We have a choice – not only in each turning of the calendar year – but in every breath, to drop the burdens of our past like stones in a river and decide not to pick up new ones. Instead, choose to be light. Be the light. Be engaged with life that is – right now – in this breath… and the next….

Let go of the story, steeped thick in our limited perspectives. Let it melt at your feet.

Embrace the wisdom that comes from stillness – where struggle has no role. In that stillness, just listen. Open your ears, your heart, your eyes. See the beautiful intricacy of the interconnectedness of all things.

Invite this breath in – and this breath out.

Let this New Year be a reminder of the opening and space in every moment.

May you be safe and healthy,

May you know love and be love,

May you find gratitude and peace in all you do.

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