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“These courses and weekly meditations have changed my life, after 70 years! I have learned to recognize my triggers and reactions to them and pause long enough to choose to respond in a positive, compassionate way. A weight was lifted when I discovered that I didn’t always have to be so judgmental to myself.”

Ann (Minnesota)

"As a scientist, I found the science-based approach was help. I was able to understand psychologically how my mind functions, so that my mindfulness practice can be focused on undoing habitual patterns, rather than judging myself and others.”

Linda (Ontario)

“Nicolle makes me feel welcome and the whole group has become special friends because of her accepting nature. She has opened my mind and my heart to ways of being a better person. My work with her has been life changing.”

Nancy (Minnesota)

"Nicolle's caring, insight, and deep understanding of meditation are a balm to my cluttered thoughts and worries. I am so grateful I stumbled upon her work."

Sarah (Indiana)

“Nicolle’s courses are well organized. She has a wonderful ability to listen carefully and give relevant feedback which speaks to her being present and connected. She made me feel welcome, included, and that my input was valuable. Anyone in her meditation classes will benefit from her wisdom, care, intelligence and understanding."

Nancy (Oregon)

"Nicolle has a gift for giving thoughtful and very relevant responses/illustrations to help make connections. Nicolle also was able to give us tangible tools to use when we are over identifying with negative thoughts, suffering unnecessarily, recognizing our patterns of resistance."

Peggy (Washington)

“I appreciated Nicolle's soothing style and acceptance and compassion. There is quite an environment of acceptance within the class itself. I've taken meditation with other teachers in the past, but Nicolle is my favorite.”

Jeannie (Oregon)

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